The vision of sustainable development of the municipality of Trnovo:

In the next ten-year period tends to become: Leading tourist destination of sports and recreation and rural tourism in B&H, recognizable by wide offers of organic agricultural products, a comfortable and protected life environment

Economic factors important for the environment and infrastructure include the development of the tourist center (winter – summer offer), rural tourism, the creation of the regional level tourism product that directly influence increase of the infrastructure, as well as investment in environmental protection in order to keep area constantly attractive. Also the possibility of utilization of water resources has a positive effect on the environment, as well as the infrastructure. Technical and technological factors that favor the development of infrastructure and environmental conservation are good electrical network and the postal network coverage, the lack of dirty industries, as well as wide opportunities for the construction of hydro and wind energy.

The area has significant natural resources for tourism development, particularly in the areas of sports and recreation, rural, cultural, health, and historical tourism. Trnovo has excellent prerequisites such as areas of extremely clean air, unpolluted land, pure pastures and clear water for organic production of grains, herbs and vegetables. Available agricultural land is ecologically preserved and meets the necessary standards for organic production.

Tourism in this region experienced an expansion during the XIV Winter Olympic Games in 1984, for whose needs various sports facilities and venues (for winter and summer sports), numerous hotels, bungalow resorts, outbuildings and modern infrastructure are built. Today Trnovo provides following accommodation: Hotel Maršal, apartment complex of assembly type, Hotel Bjelašnica and Hotel of Youth Association.

Available potential values of this area provides conditions for the formation of the mountain station on the territory of the municipality that allows various types of tourism and tourist offer: winter  sports; recreation; educational; business; congress; youth; memorial tourism; caving; event tourism; excursion; various hobbies; hunting; mountain climbing; mountaineering; health tourism and others.

The main point of winter recreation zone represents ski resort Bjelašnica – Babin Do with ski lanes supported by the vertical transport facilities (two cable cars and sixteen ski lifts).

The entire area of ​​Igman and Bjelašnica is treated as a unique mountain area with complete tourist offer throughout the entire year. The development of these area is planned by Regulatory Plan for sport and recreational areas of Bjelašnica and Igman, at two locations Babin Do – Bjelašnica and Veliko polje – Igman.

In addition to the construction of sports – recreation Center Igman and Bjelašnica, projects for development of rural tourism in villages located in this area are also planned.  Construction of eco – ethno village, revitalization of summer pasture and water mill and reconstruction of existing housing facilities for reception of guests are projects that will contribute to the larger development of tourism in this region. The construction of bicycle paths, trail riding, and establishment of tourist signs are projects that would attract a great number of visitors and tourists who would enjoy the natural beauty of this area. In Šabići construction of ethno museum represents core of the future of rural tourism.

The most important Strengths and Opportunities for strategic and sustainable development of Trnovo include:

  • The willingness of local authorities for the implementation of environmental protection and infrastructure construction policy
  • A satisfactory level of environmental awareness of the local population
  • No major polluter of the environment
  • Ecologically clean area
  • Improving communal infrastructure (sewage , roads, water supply, electric power grid, phones)
  • Wealth of unpolluted natural resources (land, water, air, flora and fauna)
  • A developed infrastructure of tourist facilities
  • The willingness of the authorities for the adoption of incentive regulation
  • Good resources for all aspects of tourism
  • The positive trend in the educational structure of the population
  • Positive experiences and willingness to cooperate with potential investors
  • Close to Education Institutions, University of Sarajevo, in Ilidža, in East Sarajevo and Foča
  • Healthy environment with the constant water supply
  • Support of local authorities to quality primary health care
  • Support to non-governmental sector
  • The impact of customs on the awareness of the population
  • Security
  • The quality and quantity of natural resources for sport and recreation
  • Stimulating commitment of local authorities of Trnovo to support social development
  • Transparency in the work of the municipal administration
  • Participation of citizens in public debate
  • The existence of environmental laws set
  • The development of the tourist center (winter – summer offer)
  • Rural tourism
  • The creation of the tourist product on the regional level
  • Utilization of water and wind resources
  • Electricity and ptt network coverage
  • Increase in young population
  • Favorable loan funds
  • The incentive policies at all government levels
  • The available loan funds (Development Bank and KGF with Serda)
  • Good health care
  • Production of organic food and organized the purchase of plant products according to prescribed standards
  • Better accommodation structure as a result of increased investments in Apartments
  • Good resources for all aspects of tourism
  • The possibility of organizing organic farming
  • Cooperation between the municipal council and the executive of the local community
  • The increased interest of investors in the development of the center (winter – summer offer) and development of rural tourism
  • Investor interest in utilization of water resources and the resources of wind
  • The existence of protected areas (tourism, organic farming) and legislation on environmental protection
  • High-quality primary health care, social protection, quality primary education and good security of the population

Strategic orientations

  • The development of winter and summer offer of sport – recreational center and promotion of the region
  • Building a sustainable system for the development of high quality rural tourism (cultural – historical, adventurous)
  • Organization of organic food production , collection of wild herbs and wild berries according to internationally recognized standards and its market placement through tourism, export …
  • Utilization of hydro potential , accumulation of Crna Rijeka, wind potential
  • Creating a supportive environment for young population
  • Improved capacity for the development of handicrafts, traditional crafts, etc.
  • Using the support of organizations and institutions located in Sarajevo and technological incentives for standardization and certification, cooperation with higher education institutions, international funds and donors to increase the number of operators and the volume of economic activity in the municipality

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